James Family Farm 2010 Spalding County Fair Award Winning Products

2010 Spalding County Fair Awards to James Family Farm

Grand Champion Winner for Vegetables plus 30 ribbons for veggies, fruits and products.

Canned Products
~~~Blue Ribbons~~~
Sweet Onion Relish
Mild Chow Chow
Blackberry Jelly
Blackberry Jam
Blackberry Preserves
Strawberry Jam

~~~Red Ribbons~~~
Pickled Habanero
Barbeque Sauce
Canned Squash
Tomato Juice
Crushed Tomatoes
Green Beans
Soup Mix
Peach Jam
Habanero Fool’s Gold Pepper Jelly
Hot Strawberry Jalapeno
Apple Preserves
Hot Pineapple Jalepeno
Blueberry Jam

Veggie and Fruit Ribbons
~~~Blue Ribbons~~~
Yellow Squash
Mixed Squash
Bell Peppers
Sugar Baby Watermelon

~~~Red Ribbons~~~
Habanero Hot Peppers

~~~Yellow Ribbons~~~
Cherry Tomatoes


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